What’s Not OK For Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnant ladies get cravings. This oddity of the natural miracle of conception and birth has followed women around for as long as people had mouths to speak and the ability to reproduce, and it continues today, which prompts pregnant women to eat some really strange things in strange ways. There’s nothing wrong with binging on a single night, but doing it every night is bound to cause problems sooner than later.

On that note, there are a few different items you should think twice about consuming, or maybe shouldn’t think about at all. Let’s take a look at a few popular consumptions that cause trouble even today.


It should go without saying that pregnant women should never, ever drink while they are pregnant. Not only can alcohol cause serious birth defects and intensify certain unpleasant side effects to the mother while being pregnant, but it impairs judgment and thought processes that could otherwise keep a child safe in the womb. Drunk mothers aren’t just hurting their babies internally, but if they trip and fall, they could outright kill their unborn children.

If for some reason you are unable to tear yourself from the bottle, find help immediately and attend rehab. The physical foundation for your baby’s entire life hinges on the decisions you make while pregnant, so make the best ones you can and above all else, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE PREGNANT.


This one might seem a little odd to you since fish has long been called one of the greatest sources of protein for pregnant women, but more recently fish were found to be high in mercury due to the waste in the water from which the fish is caught. Mercury isn’t good for an adult to consume, and babies are no different: mercury-laden fish can cause awful damage to the fetus’ nervous system which is still in a developmental stage at this point.

Specific kinds of fish are considered safe by some, but for the time being it is safer for you and your baby to just say no to any kind of tuna, freshwater or any other type of fish, if any doctor has recommend you this plate as part of your diet we recommend you to look for birth defect attorneys in case any complications during labor.

Processed Foods

Foods that are highly processed seem harmless on the outside, but consider this: most highly processed foods have enough preservatives in them to mark them as suspicious. Sugar substitutes are also troublesome because you don’t know what’s in them – what is it they are substituting, anyway? Approach these types of foods carefully and make sure you do your homework before eating anything. Your baby’s health is at stake.

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