Vitamins And Supplements Great For Pregnancy Nutrition

vitamins during pregnancy

vitamins during pregnancy









So you’re pregnant and ready to get started doing the best you can for your baby. The best way to get a head start for a healthy baby is by simply watching what you eat. This is the one time you’re going to be able to feed your baby whatever you want – when they’re born, they will immediately start complaining about what food they want to eat and what flavours they can’t stand. Take advantage of this moment and eat as healthy as possible.

Vitamins and supplements are extremely important when you are pregnant, as pregnant women can benefit greatly from consuming more than most normal people, you can also add a product from your cbd store to help you get appetite and eliminate your pregnancy nauseas. Keep in mind however that you should always check with your primary care physician about what you want to do before ever starting to change your diet.

There is a small risk of overdosing on certain vitamins, and this can cause trouble and illness for you and your baby. Always be careful and keep your doctor in the loop at all times.

vitamins during pregnancy

vitamins during pregnancy


Vitamin A

You can help make your baby’s development the best it can be for its teeth and bones by simply taking some of this quality supplement. Vitamin A also helps baby’s eyes, ears, immune system and heart. Vitamin A will also help you repair your body after the damage of childbirth.

Around 2565 IU (that’s what most nutritional labels say) or 770 micrograms should be good for pregnant women, and that should be taken every day. Nursing mothers can actually double this to 1300 micrograms.

Keep in mind though that an overdose of Vitamin A can cause liver toxicity and birth defects, but this is only a concern when taking in excess of 3000 micrograms per day.

If you’d rather not touch supplements, you can find great amounts of Vitamin A in sweet potatoes, spinach, eggs, mangos, peas and carrots.

Vitamin B6

vitamins during pregnancy

vitamins during pregnancy

Vitamin B6 is a great help to your baby’s brain and nervous system. With the right amount, you can also help both you and the baby to develop new red blood cells. It will also help get rid of that pesky morning sickness.

Your goal should be to consume around 1.9 mg per day, maybe raising that up to 2.0 mg per day when nursing. You can find Vitamin B6 in bananas, watermelon, fortified cereals, chicken breast and chickpeas.

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