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Exercise during Pregnancy
Exercise during Pregnancy

One of the really exciting prospects of being pregnant is that mums to be want to be healthier, fitter and keeping well during the 9 months of the pregnancy. This gives a good excuse to offer a plausible reason to indulge in ‘eating for two’, having that extra dessert as it is helping the growing baby. The reason often given is that mum to be feels she is going to gain lots of weight anyway and can loose all the weight altogether.

Research is now telling us that to be fit and healthy during pregnancy is what it is all about as it will help you to have a healthier baby.

We are now led to understand that exercising during pregnancy is good for the babies. Mums to be now understand these and tend not to sit and stay sitting for their three trimesters. When mums to be are shown their babies in their early scan, they find it difficult to not to want a healthy, happy baby. They feel guilty if they are not seen to be doing the right thing for their baby to be healthy and well.


More and more mums are hitting the gym and doing exercises all the way during their pregnancy especially after they have got through the initial first trimester and are feeling more energetic and the morning sickness has passed.

Previous research has explained that exercise in the first trimester, when the placenta is formed, helps gorge extra blood vessels so that there is more opportunity to exchange nutrients between mom and baby. There are bound to be good benefits to the baby also.

Researchers then looked fetal heart rate and heart rate variability, which is the span between beats. Good heart rate variability is a great sign of good heart health, which is associated with better overall health of the heart: people with increased variability are exercisers, and their hearts function more efficiently; those with decreased variability may be cardiac patients or, those who do not do much exercise.

Exercising in Pregnancy
Exercising in Pregnancy

At 32 weeks, researchers started to see changes in heart response in the fetuses of the exercising mums to be, and by 36 weeks, it is evident that there is significant changes and much improvements.





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